Should You Be A Fashion Blogger?!

Have you ever asked yourself a question, “Should I start a fashion blog?” Recently, I read an article on WhoWhatWear. It is called 25 Signs You Should Be A Fashion Blogger. Let’s see how many of them are correct about you!


1. You never pose the same way twice, and you strongly feel that looking at the camera feels too basic.

G & G’s Words:


2. You have your own version of “shoe gazing”.

G & G’s Words:


3. You photography your breakfast just as much as you do your #OOTDs.

G & G’s Words:


4. You know that the details are what really makes an outfit spectacular. 

G & G’s Words:


5. A blank white wall is your best friend.

G & G’s Words:


6. You take highly structured photos of every meal you eat, and throw in a pair of sunglasses for good measure.

G & G’s Words:


7. You take a lot of selfies in fitting room.

G & G’s Words:


8. Your dog is your most favorite accessory.


G & G’s Words:


9. You’re not afraid to accessorize your bikini.

G & G’s Words:


10. You run in pictures. Often.


G & G’s Words:


11. You exclusively wear giant headphones.


G & G’s Words:


12. You eat legit, actual ice cream cones on a very regular basis.

G & G’s Words:


13. Your instagram feed is filled with quippy, incredibly self-aware bits of wisdom.

Photo: Bryan Boy

G & G’s Words:


14. You literally reference Clueless on a daily basis.

G & G’s Words:


15. You lounge around reading books with your cat a lot, and you think that’s a total social media-worthy activity.


G & G’s Words:


16. You try very hard to match your nails to your outfit.

G & G’s Words:


17. You see absolutely nothing wrong with chopping your head off in pictures.

G & G’s Words:


18. Meals and outfits have a major thing in common: they’re better with designer bag.

G & G’s Words:


19. Contrary to the norm, whenever you get gifts, you feel compelled to take photos of them before you even open them.

G & G’s Words:


20. You really love a good hand party.

G & G’s Words:


21. If you have a drink with a friend, you prioritize posting a photo of the toast over imbibing.

G & G’s Words:


22. You never meet a gust of wind you didn’t like.

G & G’s Words:


23. You’ve gotten really creative with your selfies.

G & G’s Words:


24. You’re only interested in the most amazing sunsets.

G & G’s Words:


25.  One word: fedoras

Photo: Bag Snob

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Creepy Brand Beauty Products Review: Renkomay !

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this creepy beauty brand – Renkomay. I bet most of you have never heard of this brand. I encountered this brand in a tiny beauty store which claims to be the brand’s distributor or agent… I forgot about that, but the problem is that store is kind of weird. The whole store does not legit…

Here comes the most creepy thing about this brand, it’s remarkable resemblance to Soap & Glory.

Soap & Glory Website Homepage

Official Homepage: Soap & Glory

Renkomay Website Homepage

Official Homepage: Renkomay

From the logo to the packaging, Renkomay looks exactly like Soap & Glory. Also, the so called “English Official Homepage” of Renkomay is filled with simplified Chinese on it. Although the brand claims to be originated in England since 1888, there is no information other than their website can be found on the internet.

Besides, the brand can only be found in China region, from what I observe. Many users said that it is likely Renkomay is a counterfeit. However, I have absolutely no idea whether it is or it is not.

So I am just going to review the products based on the product itself, whether you want to buy it is your choice.

*** DISCLAIMER: The following product are not sponsored. I purchased the following products with my own money. ***

Rose Pore Invisible Make Up Base



The Rose Pore Invisible Make Up Base is one of the best seller of the brand(said the shopkeeper). The base is brown in color, it reminds me of the POREfessional by Benefit. They both are makeup base to minimize the appearance of the pores. Surprisingly, this makeup base works as good as POREfessional. It smells look rose oil, the description said it contains rose essential oil, that explains the smooth scents of rose.

Renkomay Rose Pore Make Up Base


In terms of the ability on minimizing pores,  this rose makeup base has not much a difference with POREfessional. Though this rose makeup base is slightly richer than POREfessional, it is perfect for winter.

Renkomay Rose Pore Make Up Base

And on the plus side, it is a lot cheaper than POREfessional. It caused USD 15 for 1.0 US Fl Oz, while POREfessional causes USD 38 for 0.75 US Fl Oz. I think I will definitely repurchase this makeup base.

Lazy Special Caring Cream


This Lazy Special Caring Cream is in fact in purple color, it can also act as a skin tone  corrector.Renkomay Lazy Moisturizing  Cream

The texture is quite moisturizing and absolutely causes no oil on my skin. It is also USD 15 for 50g. I have combination skin, I like the texture of this cream, it is perfect for my dull skin in Winter.

Renkomay Lazy Moisturizing  Cream

There are a little problem, looks like the containers of this brand are really bad. They make a mess and they are hard to close tight, so beware.



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12 Tips for No Makeup Look

There is also a time when you want to put on makeup but don’t want anyone to know. Kind of like my face but better, even lighter than NATURAL makeup. Look at Emmy Rossum, less is more.

Emmy Rossum

1. Use makeup base instead of foundation.


Makeup base can slightly cover your imperfection on your face and adjust your face color. Unlike using foundation, makeup base creates a very natural look as it is your nude face with good skin.

2. No shimmer and glitter.

When you apply anything with shimmer or glitter, people can see the reflection of light. So, nothing shimmery or glittery.

3. Try Eye Primer, no concealer.

Choose an eye primer can be applied on the under eye area, so that you can skip concealer.

4. Skip contouring and highlighting.

Save time and effort, plus you will look a lot more natural without contouring and highlighting.

5. Try color tint.

Photo: Sephora

Color tint can be applied both on your cheek and lips, you will look like you have a rosy cheek and so kissable lips.

6. Clear eyebrow.

Photo: Macy’s

Don’t forget about your lips just because you are having a NO MAKEUP look. Soft and clear eyebrow would make your face look smaller.

7. Less or no eyelining.

Photo: Beautyhigh

If you really want to put on some eyeliner, only apply to your inner eyeline.

8. Minimize the use of mascara.

Go with thin and long eyelashes. No false eyelash please.

9. Matt cheek color.

Pick a matt cheek color that matches your face color and your lips.

10. Replace lip stick with tinted lip balm.

Instead of lip stick, try lip tint and tint lip balm. This combination creates natural looking and kissable lips.

11. Zero coverage powder.

Photo: Fancl

If you really need some powder, choose one with no coverage.

12. Simple Hair style.

Natural curled hair is enough. If you try too hard on your hair,  but look like no makeup, that would like a bit weird.


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8 Ways to Reuse Your Mugs Like a Fashion Blogger

8 Ways to Reuse Your Mugs Like a Fashion Blogger

Sometimes I wonder one person has only one mouth, why do we have so many mugs  and tea cups in the kitchen shelves? Even though you may own more than one mugs and tea cups, you may only use one to two of them frequently. I have summed up 8 ways for you to reuse your mugs and tea cups like a fashion blog!

1. Put some flowers in it.

Who said flowers have to be in a vase? A monogrammed mug would go perfect with flowers. Don’t worry, if you prefer faux flowers than fresh one, a mug can hide the fake stems.

2. Arrange your pens and pencils.
Photo: Anna With Love

A mug can also be a stationary holder. Now you don’t have to freak because you can’t find a pen when you need to write down something.

3. Keep your makeup brushes together.


Place a mug filled with makeup brushes on your desk can instantly style up your room.

4. Grow a plant.


Awesome way to green up your work space.

5. Light a candle in it.
Photo: BuzzFeed

Your old mugs can be new home for your candles. Stuffed the rest of the space with coffee beans, now you have a candle holder that smells good.

6. DIY a candle mug.
Photo: jjbegonia

Or even better, make a candle in a mug. Check out how to Make Your Own Scented Tea Cup Candle.

7. Make an organizer with your mugs.
Photo: homeroad

A handmade mug organizer would make a good housewarming gift for your friends.

8. Place cutlery in it.
Photo: hosless with the mostess

Present to your guests knives and forks in a mug.

What are you still waiting for? Now bring out your mugs and reuse them.


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Fancy about some cool DIY & CRAFTING ideas?



Want to try some cool and easy LEATHER CRAFT?


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Amazed by the art of CALLIGRAPHY?


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