8 Ways to Reuse Your Mugs Like a Fashion Blogger

8 Ways to Reuse Your Mugs Like a Fashion Blogger

Sometimes I wonder one person has only one mouth, why do we have so many mugs  and tea cups in the kitchen shelves? Even though you may own more than one mugs and tea cups, you may only use one to two of them frequently. I have summed up 8 ways for you to reuse your mugs and tea cups like a fashion blog!

1. Put some flowers in it.

Who said flowers have to be in a vase? A monogrammed mug would go perfect with flowers. Don’t worry, if you prefer faux flowers than fresh one, a mug can hide the fake stems.

2. Arrange your pens and pencils.

Photo: Anna With Love

A mug can also be a stationary holder. Now you don’t have to freak because you can’t find a pen when you need to write down something.

3. Keep your makeup brushes together.


Place a mug filled with makeup brushes on your desk can instantly style up your room.

4. Grow a plant.


Awesome way to green up your work space.

5. Light a candle in it.

Photo: BuzzFeed

Your old mugs can be new home for your candles. Stuffed the rest of the space with coffee beans, now you have a candle holder that smells good.

6. DIY a candle mug.

Photo: jjbegonia

Or even better, make a candle in a mug. Check out how to Make Your Own Scented Tea Cup Candle.

7. Make an organizer with your mugs.

Photo: homeroad

A handmade mug organizer would make a good housewarming gift for your friends.

8. Place cutlery in it.

Photo: hosless with the mostess

Present to your guests knives and forks in a mug.

What are you still waiting for? Now bring out your mugs and reuse them.


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