Creepy Brand Beauty Products Review: Renkomay !

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this creepy beauty brand – Renkomay. I bet most of you have never heard of this brand. I encountered this brand in a tiny beauty store which claims to be the brand’s distributor or agent… I forgot about that, but the problem is that store is kind of weird. The whole store does not legit…

Here comes the most creepy thing about this brand, it’s remarkable resemblance to Soap & Glory.

Soap & Glory Website Homepage

Official Homepage: Soap & Glory

Renkomay Website Homepage

Official Homepage: Renkomay

From the logo to the packaging, Renkomay looks exactly like Soap & Glory. Also, the so called “English Official Homepage” of Renkomay is filled with simplified Chinese on it. Although the brand claims to be originated in England since 1888, there is no information other than their website can be found on the internet.

Besides, the brand can only be found in China region, from what I observe. Many users said that it is likely Renkomay is a counterfeit. However, I have absolutely no idea whether it is or it is not.

So I am just going to review the products based on the product itself, whether you want to buy it is your choice.

*** DISCLAIMER: The following product are not sponsored. I purchased the following products with my own money. ***

Rose Pore Invisible Make Up Base



The Rose Pore Invisible Make Up Base is one of the best seller of the brand(said the shopkeeper). The base is brown in color, it reminds me of the POREfessional by Benefit. They both are makeup base to minimize the appearance of the pores. Surprisingly, this makeup base works as good as POREfessional. It smells look rose oil, the description said it contains rose essential oil, that explains the smooth scents of rose.

Renkomay Rose Pore Make Up Base


In terms of the ability on minimizing pores,  this rose makeup base has not much a difference with POREfessional. Though this rose makeup base is slightly richer than POREfessional, it is perfect for winter.

Renkomay Rose Pore Make Up Base

And on the plus side, it is a lot cheaper than POREfessional. It caused USD 15 for 1.0 US Fl Oz, while POREfessional causes USD 38 for 0.75 US Fl Oz. I think I will definitely repurchase this makeup base.

Lazy Special Caring Cream


This Lazy Special Caring Cream is in fact in purple color, it can also act as a skin tone  corrector.Renkomay Lazy Moisturizing  Cream

The texture is quite moisturizing and absolutely causes no oil on my skin. It is also USD 15 for 50g. I have combination skin, I like the texture of this cream, it is perfect for my dull skin in Winter.

Renkomay Lazy Moisturizing  Cream

There are a little problem, looks like the containers of this brand are really bad. They make a mess and they are hard to close tight, so beware.



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