12 Tips for No Makeup Look

There is also a time when you want to put on makeup but don’t want anyone to know. Kind of like my face but better, even lighter than NATURAL makeup. Look at Emmy Rossum, less is more.



Emmy Rossum

1. Use makeup base instead of foundation.


Makeup base can slightly cover your imperfection on your face and adjust your face color. Unlike using foundation, makeup base creates a very natural look as it is your nude face with good skin.

2. No shimmer and glitter.

When you apply anything with shimmer or glitter, people can see the reflection of light. So, nothing shimmery or glittery.

3. Try Eye Primer, no concealer.

Choose an eye primer can be applied on the under eye area, so that you can skip concealer.

4. Skip contouring and highlighting.

Save time and effort, plus you will look a lot more natural without contouring and highlighting.

5. Try color tint.


Photo: Sephora

Color tint can be applied both on your cheek and lips, you will look like you have a rosy cheek and so kissable lips.

6. Clear eyebrow.


Photo: Macy’s

Don’t forget about your lips just because you are having a NO MAKEUP look. Soft and clear eyebrow would make your face look smaller.

7. Less or no eyelining.


Photo: Beautyhigh

If you really want to put on some eyeliner, only apply to your inner eyeline.

8. Minimize the use of mascara.

Go with thin and long eyelashes. No false eyelash please.

9. Matt cheek color.

Pick a matt cheek color that matches your face color and your lips.

10. Replace lip stick with tinted lip balm.

Instead of lip stick, try lip tint and tint lip balm. This combination creates natural looking and kissable lips.

11. Zero coverage powder.

Photo: Fancl

If you really need some powder, choose one with no coverage.

12. Simple Hair style.

Natural curled hair is enough. If you try too hard on your hair,  but look like no makeup, that would like a bit weird.


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